The durable and compact Didgeridoos by Saxo-Didge
provide an unprecedented playing experience
which enable easy traveling, and mobility on stage.

Saxo-Didge offers Didgeridoos in different notes,
trumpet scales and sounds allowing for a variety
of traditional and contemporary playing styles.




Eldar Blau, a traveling performing artist,
alternatively known as the Legendary Strawberry Man,
founded Saxo-Didge in 2021. 

After three years of research and development with
his expert team of physicists and sound engineers,
Eldar has resolved both the size issues and the
consistent tuning problems of a classic Didgeridoo,
making Saxo-Didge the ultimate revolutionized

Didgeridoo brand for a modern day traveling artist.


Ben Argov

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager

Ben Argov, entrepreneur, video producer and musician, founded Saxo-Didge together with Eldar Blau in 2021. He's In charge of the branding, content, partnerships, business strategy, and helped shape the Saxo-Didge organization into its current form. He's been playing guitar for 17 years now, performing with various artists, and running his own video production agency for the past 11 years.

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CADSD and Artificial Directed Evolution expert


Dr. Frank Geipel, who's a Didgeridoo player, craftsman, and expert
in mathematical modeling, is also one of the world's leading experts
in the field of CADSD (Computer Aided Didgeridoo Sound Design).

Being a specialist in the field of mathematical modeling
and having a passion for Didgeridoo, Frank uses artificially
directed evolution methods to control
different sound characteristics of the didgeridoo.

This process ranges from simple too complex, from deciding
which note the instrument will be, to adding elasticity to the sound,
affecting which notes could be sung vocally into the instrument.
The greatest feature of all is the control over the playable

natural tones of the instrument, allowing enchanting melodies

to be played while using special trumpet techniques

Franks Website:


Performer, Musician, and Special Sound Designer


Dan Flynn is one of the most avant-garde Didgeridoo players
on the internet nowadays, famous for his unique playing style.
He could be considered the biggest advocate of Didgeridoos
with special features, such as multiple trumpets calculated
to specific scales or chords, special aircode tuning, enhanced wobble and more.

He has been working for many years with Dr. Frank Geipel
on many sound designs, conducting rigorous research and development
that led to one of the most sophisticated CADSD in the world:
the "Smooth Gypsy", featured on our website.

Dan is also a sound consultant of Saxo-Didge.

We have big plans for future sound designs and collaborations.



Kipo Industrial Design Studio


ROTEM is the Founder of Kipo Industrial Design Studio, and is our 3D Designer, Consultant, and Styling Expert for our instruments. He's in charge of the complicated 3D modeling process that creates the smooth Saxo look and ergonomic features.

An enormous amount of time and effort is put in, not just so Saxo-Didge Instruments sound perfect and come out beautiful, but also so they're comfortable to hold while playing and moving around.

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We give our deepest respect to the Aboriginal people of Australia,
who invented the Yidaki (Didgeridoo) tens of thousands of years ago.
As a token of our respect, 1% of all Saxo-Didge Didgeridoos purchases
will be donated to the Aboriginal communities.

Special thanks to Djalu and Larry Guruwiwi, and to the Yolngu tribe.